About Me

 I am a CG artist with in depth knowledge of 3D production. I have experience in high end 3D Modeling,Texturing, Composting, lighting and rendering software’s. Currently Working in M-DIGITAL STUDIO INC (Shanghai) As a Lead Lighting TD.

I had worked on projects in a creative production environment that utilizes my knowledge and decision making throughout the course of media creation to produce high quality work. I not only manage my team from outside but I have an   in-depth knowledge of the various software’s involved in 3D production.

Responsible for Lighting& Look Development and Rendering, Setup Arnold and Vray based pipeline, Creating Key Shots, Look Development, Pre Comp.

 Primary Expertise And Specialties:
Lighting&Shading, Look Development, Modeling, Texturing.
3D Composting
• Research and Development.

                                                                       Other Knowledge:
                                                                       Sets Modeling, Texturing,,Hair&cloth, Environment Foliage Development.

                                                                      Software skill:
                                                                      Maya****//Max****//MudBox***//Substance Painter ****//Shave and Haircut****

                                                                      Reality capture***//Unfold3D***//Speed Tree**

                                                                      Arnold****//VRay***//Red Shift***//Mental Ray****//R Man*

                                                                      Nuke****// Fusion***//  AfterEffects***//  Photoshop****//

                                                                     Deadline// Shotgun





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