About Me

My name is Raju, I was born and raised in Madras (Chennai)India,I went to College Of Fine Arts (Chennai) and studied VisComm where I received my Bachelor of Arts in 1999. During my college studies I was busy working as a freelancer for small studios in Chennai.
In India I worked for several 3D Animation studios, Land marvel Animation Studio, Nipuna-4K Animation Germany, VenSat, iGene. Recent companies I moved to Shanghai Milli Pictures world wide, Smoke VFX, Stellar Animation ,Shanghai Motion Magic(SMG Group),M-Digital Studio
Currently i am Working in Jiaxingpictures+星影业

Experienced Senior Look Dev & Lighting TD |more than 10+ years in visual effects ,3D-Feature Animation Movies,commercial experience.

Responsible for Lighting& Look Development and Rendering, Setup Arnold and Vray&Redshift based pipeline, Creating Key Shots, Look Development, Pre Comp.                        

                                                                                            Primary Expertise And Specialties:
                                                                                            • Lighting&Shading | Look Development | 3D Composting.
                                                                                            • Modeling | Texturing.
                                                                                            • Research and Development.

                                                                                            Other Knowledge:
                                                                                            Sets Modeling | Texturing | Hair&cloth | Environment Development.

                                                                                            Software skill:
                                                                                            Maya**** | Max**** | MudBox*** | Substance Painter **** |Shave and Haircut**** | Yeti**

                                                                                            Arnold**** | VRay*** | Red Shift*** | Mental Ray**** | Render Man*

                                                                                            Unfold3D*** | Speed Tree** | Reality capture***                                                                     

                                                                                            Nuke**** | Fusion*** |  AfterEffects*** |  Photoshop****

                                                                                            Deadline | Shotgun





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